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Your Favorite On-the-Go Snacks

Your Favorite On-the-Go Snacks

I recently asked the fans of our Facebook page what their favorite healthy on-the-go snacks are.  And I got so many great suggestions, we had to share them here on the blog.  These are fantastic for kids and adults alike.  Do you have a favorite snack?  Let us know in the comments!  

Here’s the list: Continue reading “Your Favorite On-the-Go Snacks”

Why Kids Heart Health Matters : Dr.Kim Blog

Why Heart Health Matters In Kids

Why Heart Health Matter In Kids

It is no surprise to find the American Heart Association promoting the importance of exercise for our younger generation. While the obvious might be right before our nose, we can minimize or overlook the absolute importance. 

Sedentary lifestyles create apathetic body systems; quite simply we are made for movement. Lack of physical activity is a major risk for stroke, obesity, high blood pressure, low levels of the good cholesterol (HDL,) diabetes and contributes to the development of coronary artery disease. Continue reading “Why Heart Health Matters In Kids”

6 Tips To Feeding Kids Wisely

6 Tips to Feeding Kids Wisely

When raising kids, it’s important to consider the psychology of eating and how what they learn now will affect them for life.  It is not just about ‘making a decision,’ but about understanding what goes into their relationship with food.

Here are a few points to consider: Continue reading “6 Tips To Feeding Kids Wisely”

Easy Ways to Ease Muscle Soreness : Dr. Kim Blog

Easy Ways to Ease Muscle Soreness

Easy Ways To Ease Muscle Soreness

Even when you feel great mentally after a strong workout, your muscles may be sore. This soreness is inflammation of the fibers. There are some easy ways to help ease the discomfort and avoid potential injury.


The body is the most effective healer but to accomplish this it needs time and space to mend. Doing so will give you added strength when you pick up your exercise routine again, creating better results.  Exercise is wonderful, but don’t push yourself to the point of injury.  Listen to your body.  Continue reading “Easy Ways to Ease Muscle Soreness”