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23 Ways To Start Being Healthier Today

1. Cut Back On TV. Think of the difference it makes for your body if you take a walk or if you sit for hours instead. The first is using what you have, the second is losing what you have. The same is the case for your brain when you watch TV, replacing the absent minded activity with something that engages you can keep your brain sharp and ward off a host of diseases.

2. Sleep More. Depriving yourself of sleep can greatly affect your ability to concentrate, to remember and to perform mentally.

3. Add Cranberries to Your Snacks. Scientistific research has shown that cranberries reduce damage to the brain caused by oxidation, thus helping to ward off strokes.

4. Give Your Office an Ergonomic Tune-Up. Computer use is a way of life these days. To avoid eye strain set your computer up with the top of the monitor at comfortable eye level, centered. Clean the screen, adjust the brightness and be sure the keyboard is set to keep your elbows close to your side to prevent neck and shoulder strain.

5. Brush with Ease. Taking up the toothbrush with vigor can actually hurt your gums and erode your tooth enamel. Ease up your stroke to preserve your teeth.

6. Keep the Dark at Night. A recent study showed that exposure to light during the night time can harm the body’s production of melatonin. This hormone inhibits the growth of tumors so keeping it dark in your bedroom actually helps you prevent cancer.

7. Drink Pomegranate Juice. High in polyphenol, an antioxidant that helps get rid of arterial plaque, pomegranate juice in your glass can help you avoid accumulating this major heart disease risk.

8. Breathe. Breathe. And Count to 10.  Studies are showing that bottling up anger is the largest contributor to headaches, even more than depression or anxiety. So release your anger and increase your health.

9. Put on Relaxing Music for Meals. Studies show when fast music is playing as you eat, your fork will go to your mouth twice as fast as if you have slow music. Without realizing it we eat to a beat. So slow it down to eat less and be satisfied.

10. Cut Back on the Use of Cleaning Products and Antibacterial Soap.  All bacteria isn’t bad, in fact we have bacteria that helps us keep healthy. These products annihilate that form of protection.

11. Fish Around.  All the hype around omega-3 fatty acids is well founded. It contributes to the complex process needed to keep the bones absorbing calcium.

12. Have a Home Pedicure Party.  The files for calluses and baths for feet in public salons could carry infection if not cleaned well. Have your own party and keep your feet happy.

13. Pump iron.  Exercise that is weight bearing has many benefits. One of them is the reduction of the joint pain caused by arthritis. The more your muscles are strengthened, the more the joints are protected from the simple shock of everyday life and hence the more inflammation is reduced.

18. Reduce antacids. Not surprisingly the more we add chemicals to our system, the more we inhibit natural processes. Antacids may increase food allergies by the way they interfere with the normal digestive practice. Instead of taking an antacid, notice what causes the burn and replace that food with another satisfying choice.

19. Shoulder Balance. Just a common sense change such as switching which side you use as you carry heavy bags will protect your body from chronic back pain and even neck strain.

20. Increase K.  With the reports of Vitamin K’s beneficial effects upon bone density and strength, why not eat a few more leafy vegetables or plant oils?

21. Play a guitar. And if guitar does not attract you, choose another musical instrument. Not only will you learn something fun, but music training fine tunes your brain. It will also increase your ability to remember words.

22. Rinse With Care.  Mouthwash has become increasingly popular as a quick fix to freshen breath and feel clean. Even though the liquid can even help prevent cavities, it can also hide symptoms you need to know about such as periodontal disease which can be detected by the unpleasant taste lingering in your mouth. If you rinse a little less you will be in touch with your teeth.

23. Ohhhmmmm.  Meditation is proven to aid health. In addition to reducing stress, a major health risk contributor, it will lower blood pressure and also reduce the risk for blood clots. Meditate for even five minutes a day and you will see a difference.  

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