3 Ways to Improve Your Gut Mircobiome

Many chronic diseases can be related to gut microbiome – the bacteria that lives in your gut.  The bacteria can be good and bad, and is always a combination of both.  When good bacteria thrives, good things happen to your health.  Good gut bacteria can help with things such improved digestion, strengthening your immune system, decreased inflammation, and even mood.  And when bad bacteria thrives, your health will be negatively affected.  Many lifestyle choices people make today impact their body’s ability to maintain healthy gut bacteria, but the solutions may be easier than most realize.

Here are three easy, yet effective ways to improve your gut microbiome:

Eat Healthy Fats

Healthy fats are very important to a healthy diet for many reasons, gut health included.

Swapping some staples in your pantry is a great start.  Stop using canola and vegetable oil, and start using olive and coconut oil.   Other options include avocado oil and flax seed oil.  Each of these have various benefits when used for cooking, and a little research can go a long way.

A high quality fat supplement, such as an omega fatty acid supplement, is also beneficial.  

Incorporating some high quality foods into your diet on a regular basis will also help.  These include:

• Chia Seeds
• Eggs
• Salmon
• Avocados
• Grass-fed butter
• Extra-virgin olive oil

Cut Out Sugar

Sugar feeds the bad bacteria in our body, and today Americans consume more sugar than ever.  Decreasing or completely cutting out processed sugar in your diet is one of the best ways to take care of your microbiome.

Sugar is in everything, from sodas to coffee drinks, packaged foods, and virtually anything processed. Your body can struggle at first to overcome your addiction to sugar, so don’t be surprised if you start to feel sluggish or have headaches as your system gets used to operating with less sugar.

Cutting out sugar will not only help your gut microbiome maintain a normal balance, but it will benefit your health in many other ways as well.

Consume Enough Fiber

While good gut bacteria is a probiotic, the food that good bacteria feeds on is called prebiotics.  Soluble fiber is one of the best sources of prebiotics, but the average person simply does not consume enough fiber.

There are a few ways to add these important fibers into your diet. Fruits and vegetables along with nuts and seeds are a fantastic source. Fermented foods also have a good amount of fiber and probiotics and can help your gut stay healthy and balanced.

Fiber is probably one of the most important additions to your meal plan when it comes to maintaining good overall gut microbiome health. It should be one of the main changes you make as it is so essential in the production of good flora in your gut.

A few ways to add more soluble fiber to your diet include:

• Eat plenty of produce and greens
• Add seeds, such as flax and chia seeds, to your meals
• Toss some beans and legumes into salads and omelets

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