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The Baby Food Doctor Story


I am Dr. Kim Bruno, and I have a passion for helping busy parents in developing healthy eating habits for their babies and toddlers. I am also a busy working mother of two who knows the information on the internet can be cumbersome, conflicting and hard to follow, and honestly who has the time to sort through it?  My purpose is to provide parents the resources and tools they need, in an easy and non-overwhelming format so they can create a health and wellness foundation for their children to grow-up to be healthy and happy children and adults. 

The mission of The Baby Food Doctor, and the corresponding learning materials and recipes, is to spread good quality, evidence based information on healthy eating habits for babies as well as children's nutrition from conception, through the toddler years. By improving our children's nutrition we will be improving the overall quality of our children’s health for generations to come.

Do you have questions on when, how and what to feed your growing baby? Through the pages of this section of my website, I will take the time to answer your questions and give you a foundation to building a healthy eater. 

Baby Food DoctorFeeding your baby is one of the most important jobs we have as a new parents, but many times parents are confused and frustrated by the conflicting information available and then left guessing what baby food is is best for their baby. 

Some of the questions I hear from parents in my practice and on the playground are:

• What are the specific healthy eating habits for babies and toddlers?
• What are the nutritional needs during pregnancy?
• What are the advantages of breastfeeding? Is there a diet for breastfeeding mothers?
• I need a baby formula review. Should I choose dairy or soy based formula?
• When to start introducing baby food? What is the best first food for my baby?
• What are some easy homemade baby food recipes?
• How do I deal with a picky eater?
• How can I improve toddler nutrition?

The Baby Food Doctor is dedicated to helping you, the parents, sort through information and provide you with evidence based information to keep those little tummies happy and healthy.

Thank you for visiting!

     In Good Health,