Toddler Nutrition - From Smooth to Chewy

Toddler nutrition is vital to development and wellbeing. But it is not always easy to get your toddler to love nutritious and whole foods. Feeding an active toddler can be challenging and will take patience and a bit of trickery.

Toddlers are increasingly interested in the world around them, and much less interested in sitting in a highchair for a meal. Couple this with a small stomach capacity and it is no wonder that toddlers seem to be eating on the go and snacking all day. Actually it is estimated that toddler and young children will get 25% of their daily calories from snacks. 

How can you ensure your little one is getting the proper toddler nutrition that he/she needs?

Make every bite that your toddler eats one that is full of the highest nutrition. See the baby food doctor "fantastic baby super foods" for ideas of foods with the highest nutritional value. Another easy tip is to avoid feeding your toddler empty calories for snacks, try items like baked chickpeas or almond butter banana cookies. Also you might seem to notice that one meal is more successful than others, make this a super nutrition packed meal filled with healthy fats, lean proteins and vegetables. 

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