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Why Heart Health Matters In Kids

Why Heart Health Matter In Kids

It is no surprise to find the American Heart Association promoting the importance of exercise for our younger generation. While the obvious might be right before our nose, we can minimize or overlook the absolute importance. 

Sedentary lifestyles create apathetic body systems; quite simply we are made for movement. Lack of physical activity is a major risk for stroke, obesity, high blood pressure, low levels of the good cholesterol (HDL,) diabetes and contributes to the development of coronary artery disease. Continue reading “Why Heart Health Matters In Kids”

Why Children Need Physical Fitness : Dr Kim's Blog

Why Children Need Physical Activity

Why Children Need Physical Activity

In today’s highly technologically driven society, children can travel the world from their comfy chair at home, and the physical body remains a passive participant in this dynamic travel. Children used to run, literally, from one game to another in the safety of their neighborhoods until parents called them in at dusk.

Exercise was a natural part of growing up. Playing foursquare, running to your friend’s house down the street, endless rounds of tag, riding bikes and the list goes on. Now physical movement is replaced by long hours on the couch or in a chair, still filled with lots of fun games and learning activities, but oftentimes at the loss of the former.

Yet physical exercise remains important to health.

So what are a few compelling reasons to take charge and bring physical fitness into the lifestyle of your family? Continue reading “Why Children Need Physical Activity”