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Food Sensitivities and Intolerance

It is estimated that 60% of the population has symptoms associated with food reactions.

• Food Allergy denotes an immunological reaction involving an anti-body response

• Food sensitivity is an intolerance or reaction to a food which does not involve an immunological reaction.

What are some of the causes of Food Allergies and Sensitivities?

Food allergies are multi-factorial and there does not seem to be any one cause. Any of the following will contribute to the development of allergies and reactions. Continue reading “Food Sensitivities and Intolerance”

3 Ways to Improve Your Gut Mircobiome

3 Ways to Improve Your Gut Mircobiome

Many chronic diseases can be related to gut microbiome – the bacteria that lives in your gut.  The bacteria can be good and bad, and is always a combination of both.  When good bacteria thrives, good things happen to your health.  Good gut bacteria can help with things such improved digestion, strengthening your immune system, decreased inflammation, and even mood.  And when bad bacteria thrives, your health will be negatively affected.  Many lifestyle choices people make today impact their body’s ability to maintain healthy gut bacteria, but the solutions may be easier than most realize.

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The Role Of Bacteria In Your Gut

The Role Of Bacteria In Your Gut

One of the least discussed yet most important functions of the human body is maintaining balanced bacteria in your gut, also referred to as gut microbiome or probiotics. Your digestive tract has millions upon millions of bacteria that need to work together to help break down food, improve your immune system, and much more. In addition, research shows that the microflora in the body impacts a variety of other systems throughout the body.

Your gastrointestinal tract contains both beneficial bacteria and harmful bacteria. The beneficial bacteria in the gut help with digestion and seek to destroy the bad bacteria in the body. The bad bacteria in the gut come from environmental toxins, bacteria in the soil and bacteria in the foods you eat. Continue reading “The Role Of Bacteria In Your Gut”