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Easy Ways To Ease Muscle Soreness

Even when you feel great mentally after a strong workout, your muscles may be sore. This soreness is inflammation of the fibers. There are some easy ways to help ease the discomfort and avoid potential injury.


The body is the most effective healer but to accomplish this it needs time and space to mend. Doing so will give you added strength when you pick up your exercise routine again, creating better results.  Exercise is wonderful, but don’t push yourself to the point of injury.  Listen to your body. 


Using ice relieves swelling and inflammation, which in turn also relieves pain. When you first feel the soreness, ice for about 10 or 15 minutes, make it into a massage along the muscle if you feel inclined.  Depending on the severity of your muscle soreness, you may want to add a little heat after a day or two. Apply heat for up to 20 minutes a couple times a day.


Regularly stretch. The more you increase your flexibility, the less your muscles will be prone to soreness. Stretching does what it says, it elongates the muscles, releasing tension. Over time your range of motion will increase too. This gives your muscles the ability to sustain weight bearing activity with greater balance.


This gel is made from the flowering heads of Arnica. It is also made into creams and ointments solely for topical use. The power of Arnica lies in one of its chemical components called helenalin which has anti-inflammatory properties. It can be found in most stores these days given its good reputation for relieving pain. Arnica should not be ingested.


When our muscles are sore or tight it might have been the exercise that triggered it, but the real cause could be a nutrition deficiency. If we are low on minerals or certain amino acids the muscles are unable to sustain exertion or complete protein synthesis both of which are important during weight bearing exercise.  Consulting with a functional medicine practitioner, such as Dr. Kim, can help you understand if your muscle soreness is related to something else.  If you are beginning a physical fitness routine, initial muscle soreness is normal, but if it continues or is severe, you may need to find out if your magnesium and glutamine levels are normal.  Magnesium aids the body in relaxing muscle tissue after it contracts. Glutamine is the amino acid that aids protein synthesis. While it is non-essential, it is helpful for relaxing the muscles of the body.

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