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The Importance of Self Care

The medical model of mainstream western medicine is a model based on sickness – and not health. Now don’t mistake, it’s incredible when you are acutely sick or injured, when the issues are infection and trauma. But today we are dying from cancer, heart disease, and the side effects of pharmaceutical drugs themselves. We are struggling with an epidemic of chronic disease, which we’re attempting to treat by suppressing the symptoms, rather than resolving the deeper, underlying causes.

What’s needed is a model of healthcare that puts self care at it’s forefront.  The goal of yearly check-ups, routine lab work, and having one primary care physician is to stay healthy.  But what this system has come to lack is empowering the patient – teaching the patient to advocate and advance their own well being.  Our healthcare systems are breaking at the seams, and a key part of the solution is to take a long-term view, and reduce the future burden by proactively focusing on prevention of sickness and issues before they manifest.

Accepting responsibility for your own well being does not mean that you’re on your own though. In fact, ironically, in order to master self-care and optimize your well being, you need support and guidance.  This is where your functional medicine practitioner comes in.  Your functional medicine practitioner will help shift the paradigm from sick care to health(y) care.  Help you to understand that true well being is not merely the absence of sickness, but rather a vibrant sense of aliveness in body, mind and spirit. In other words, there is a continuum of well being, with sickness at one end, and way over the other side of the spectrum is profound well being. In between, there are various stages of less than optimal well being, long before the actual manifestation of sickness. When you are truly active in your own self care, you will be able to identify when your health is less than optimal, and know what you need to do to correct it – because your functional medicine practitioner will have given you the tools you need to advocate for your own wellness. 

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