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The Simplicity of B Complex Vitamins

B Complex seems to be in every energy supplement, so much so we can easily forget it is a complex combination of a number of vitamins. While the complex is grouped because it collectively helps metabolism, is water soluble, and is found in similar products we eat, each vitamin also has individual qualities.  Here’s what you’re getting with your b-complex.

Thiamine is known as vitamin B1. The influence of thiamine is largely upon your exterior, such as healthy eyes, skin and hair. It also contributes to a healthy liver.

Riboflavin is next on the list as vitamin B2. It is an antioxidant which blocks free radicals from hurting the cells.

Niacin or vitamin B3 contributes to a lowering of LDL (low density lipoproteins) the cholesterol you want as low as possible. Another role of niacin is the metabolizing of insulin.

Pantothenic Acid is vitamin B5. This one creates the good fats for the body.

Pyridoxine is another name for vitamin B6 which sustains positive moods and regulates our body clocks. 

Vitamin B7 is biotin. Metabolizing fats and amino acids, maintaining blood sugar levels, helping produce healthy fat and adding its component to cell growth are the main benefits of biotin. The research on its ability to strengthen hair and nails is controversial though it is widely used in products for such needs.

Vitamin B9 or folic acid is considered important for healthy pregnancies. It is pretty common to have low levels of it and a true deficiency shows up as irritability, depression, fatigue of mind and muscle, and poor growth (which would stem to a child as well.)

The last B vitamin in our complex is B12 or cobalamin. This is energy converter extraordinaire. When a large deficiency is present severe consequences can happen such as permanent nerve damage to the brain and central system. The co-enzyme contributes highly to the separation of red blood cells as well.

This is just a brief overview.  I could write a book about the importance of B vitamins and what their function is in the body!  So, what’s the takeaway here?  A good B complex supplement can have major health benefits, but just as with any supplement, some are a waste.  Ensuring you are getting good quality product is key.  I recommend Metagenics Glylcogenics which can be purchased in my store here.  Working with a functional medicine practitioner can also greatly benefit those looking to improve their health with B vitamins. 

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