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Anyone who has been badly injured definitely knows the difference between relief from a pain killer and being healed.  In many cases of trauma, pain killers are needed.  Studies have actually shown that comfort and healing go hand in hand.  The same goes for antibiotics.  If you have a bad infection – whether internally like pneumonia, or externally like a dog bite, antibiotics are life saving.  But with both examples – pain or infection – there comes a point when you need to ask yourself if you SHOULD still be in pain, or if you SHOULD still be having infections.  

This is where the suppression of disease is making us unhealthy.  If infection becomes chronic, there is a reason.  Not only does the continued use of antibiotics severely interfere with the natural ecology of the body, they never get to the root cause of the infection.  Root causes could be poor immune response (something that gets worse and worse with continued antibiotic use, creating a vicious cycle), underlying autoimmune disease, ineffective antibiotic to the bacteria present, and more. 

When a person experiences relief from any treatment, conventional or alternative, they should not necessarily assume that real healing has occurred. While it is possible that the person may really have been healed, it may also mean:

  • The symptoms went away on their own, and the treatment had nothing to do with it.
  • The treatment removed the symptoms, providing short-term relief but resulted in the recurrence of symptoms in the near future.
  • The treatment “worked” by suppressing the person’s symptoms or his/her own immune and defense system, thereby pushing the disease deeper into the body. Although suppression of symptoms may cause them to disappear, they tend to be replaced, sooner or later, with more serious, deeper symptoms that are more discomforting and potentially dangerous.

What people don’t usually understand is that there may be a danger in the frequent or recurrent application of treatments that suppress symptoms. Suppression of disease is so commonplace in today’s mainstream medical community that it is virtually ignored. Doctors and drug companies tend to minimize the real problems of suppressing the disease process by referring to the “side effects” of a drug. And yet, pharmacologists commonly note that the determining a drug’s “effects” and its “side effects” are completely arbitrary. They are both the direct effect of the drug upon the human body.

With functional medicine, the goal is to find the root cause of illness or disease, eliminating symptoms while healing the body from the inside out.  To schedule a functional medicine consultation, click here

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